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tv   CBS 58 Morning News 5am  CBS  October 4, 2016 5:00am-6:00am CDT

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here's what we're working on this morning... the milwaukee bucks take a stand of solidarity.we'll show you what the team did at their pre- season opener... during the national anthem. anthem.but first--- can we get another nice day?everyone was soaking up the sun and warmth yesterday... let's find out if we'll see it return. meteorologist "michael schlesinger" has your forecast. 3 3 3 tz)))today...partly sunny. areas of fog in the morning. highs in the upper 60s. southeast winds up to 15 mph. .tonight...partly cloudy. patchy fog after midnight. lows around 60. southeast winds 5 to 10 mph. .wednesday...mostly cloudy with a 50 percent chance of light showers and thunderstorms. highs in the lower 70s. south winds 5 to 15 mph. .wednesday night...partly cloudy. a 30 percent chance of light rain showers and thunderstorms after midnight. lows in the upper 50s. south winds up to 5 mph. .thursday...mostly cloudy. light rain showers likely and chance of thunderstorms in the morning...then chance of light rain showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon. highs in the lower 70s. south winds up to 10 mph. chance of precipitation 60 percent. .thursday night...showers and chance of thunderstorms. lows in the lower 60s. chance of precipitation 80 percent. .friday...mostly cloudy. chance of light rain showers and slight chance of thunderstorms in the morning...then chance of light rain showers in the afternoon.
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3 roads are dry but fog may be an issue this morning. 3 new this morning... a motorcyclist is seriously hurt after a hit and run on milwaukee's south side. happened near west mitchell and muskego avenue around nine last night. that's where we find cbs 58's
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the search for the driver responsible..kyle? the intersection is back open, but police had it closed for several hours last night as they conducted their investigation. police say a man in his 20's was riding his motorcylce when he went in the far right lane trying to get around cars and ignored the signal at the intersection, the motorcylist was in the intersection when police say the suv stopped briefly and then fled the scene.the victim was not wearing a helmet.he was transported to a hospital with serious injuries. police are still searching for the suspect. if you have any information call in milwaukee. kyle aevermann. cbs58 news. 3 worst fears realized. police now say... a four-year-old boy who died in milwaukee friday... accidentally ?shot
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"solomon jordan smith"... found a loaded gun in the house. house.his mother was taken into custody--- but has since been released. the milwaukee county district attorney's office will now review possible charges.neighbors tell us... they're keeping the family in their thoughts and prayers. 58-1:06ann "i really didn't believe that a baby at four years old would get a gun and shoot himself. but stranger things have happened." happened." 3 the possible charge could be having a gun near a child. the mother will meet with the the district attorney's office next week. 3 a miuk ordered to stand trial in a similar case.dominique dante phillips is charged with a misdemeanor after his six-year old son found a gun and then shot and wounded his older brother.he's also charged with being a felon in possession of a firearm...which is a felony. the american academy of pediatrics says the "safest home for children is one ?without? guns."but if you ?are? a gun owner with children -- it's important to take precautions to prevent tragic accidents. accidents.nik clark from "wisconsin carry" wants to remind parents that kids are
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there's a good chance they'll find a gun.. even if its hidden. if you've got a gun laying around the house and the child in the house has not shot that gun, a child is going to be fascinated by it there's not question about it, children are fascinated by guns. we can thank movies and television shows for that, but it is what it is." is." 3 wisconsin carry urges gun owners to keep the firearm with them at all times -- or lock it up securely.also.. if there is a gun in the home.. train children on proper gun safety. 3 where four officers were shot and killed at a black lives matter peace rally...are now in milwaukee - looking for people to join their force. the dallas texas police department is hiring hundreds of new officers....and say this city has what they need for their force. force.senior corporal ray milburn has been with the dallas police department for 26 years. his team hopes to recruit 300 officers and members are traveling all over the country to find them. milburn says - increasing
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says recruiting anywhere these days is a challenge. 3 05:25:51 i think the overall climate is getting tougher for us to recruit in law enforcement as a whole. at the same time the thing i look at is if your mom or grandmother called 911 who would you want to answer that call? 05:18:11 this year has been tough 05:19:00 i knew some of the officers that were killed. makes you stop and think about the job that we do. 3 interviews will be on wednesday from 8 a-m to 7 p-m at the hyatt place at the milwaukee airport.we have the information on our website, cbs 3 looking a state-wide movement kicks off to install 10-thousand smoke alarms in homes throughout wisc. wisconsin.according to the american red cross... more than 50 people die each year in house fires in wisconsin. fire departments and the red cross want to reduce that number.. by 25 percent within five wisconsin smoke alarm and fire
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red cross will announce their coordinated strategy... and pledge to install 10-thousand smoke alarms together. that announcement will be made in pewaukee at 8 this morning. a fire that destroyed dozens of school buses in waukesha county is being called "suspicious."the fire happened at a dousman transport 'bus barn' in the town of merton. neighbors say they believe the fire was started intentionally. they tell us there's been a recent string of break-ins and vandalsim in the area.. which they say could be connected to the said if they've found anything incriminating at the scene. a gas station that was robbed last week -- has been ?hit agai? again.?the racine county sheriff's office... released these photos of two women they say... tried to steal money from the b-p gas station at loomis and long lake road in the town of norway on thursday. the same gas station was robbed a few days before.that man was arrested. if you have information on these two women
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the milwaukee bucks stood together in a show of unity during the national anthem before last night's pre-season opener against the chicago bull.'s a picture. you can see the team standing in a line... with each player's arm around the man next to him. some players kept their right hands on their hearts during the anthem. bucks head coach jason kidd made it clear before the game.. his team was "not protesting." it just shows that through it all, thick and thin...we've gotta have each other's back. regardless of your skin color...your race...or where you comem, something happening you gotta speak up, you gotta stand for change, 3 . san francisco 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick started the most recent trend last month.. when he decided to kneel during the national anthem. coming up in national news--- a school forced to ?shut down?.... after creepy clown threats. 3 and... a wild fire in colorado burns thousands of acres and
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time check.. it's 5:... on this................. morning. welcome back to the cbs 58 morning news.
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3 3 3 3 percent. precipitation 50
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chance of precipitation 50 percent.
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roads are dry but fog may be an issue this morningplan for extra time this 3 3 3 making "news around the nation"---a bizarre story out
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arrested a 13-year old girl... accused of contacting a "clown"... to murder one of her teachers. teachers.investigators say the girl used social media to make contact with the person. person.police say they received a tip about the plot... which led them to the girl.police say they checked on the teacher who was targeted in the threat.. and she is aware of the situation and unharmed.the teenage girl has been charged with one count of threatening to kill by electronic message. 3 some high schools around washington d-c are ramping up security after creepy "clown" school in george's county maryland is expected to re-open today after closing yesterday... because of threats made on social media.the threats were made by users with the word "clown" in their twitter handles.. or used pictures of fairfax county virginia.. police say they received online threats to public schools.. but determined they were not credible. there have been a number of "clown" sightings and threats around the country. many of those have proven to be hoaxes. at least ?three people? have died... because of hurricane "matthew" in the last week---
5:15 am nasa is releasing ?dramatic new video? of the massive storm. storm.cameras on the international space station--- 250 miles above earth--- captured the storm yesterday. hurricane "matthew" is bearing down on haiti and jamaica... with winds around 140-miles per hour.its expected to move near eastern cuba today--- then move near parts of the bahamas.the national hurricane center says... it's still too early to tell if "matthew" will ?impact the u-s?--- but officials in florida... aren't taking any chances. (gov. rick scott/(r) florida) "hurricane maw category four hurricane and is approaching florida. if matthew directly impacts florida, there will be massive destruction that we haven't seen in years, comparable to what we saw after hurricane andrew. i just issued an executive order declaring a state of emergency for every florida county due to the severity and magnitude of this storm." storm." north carolina's governor ?issued a similar state of emergency? for 66 counties in
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of family members of military personnel... are being airlifted from the u-s base at guantanamo bay to florida. 3 in nevada...crews from multiple agencies are on the scene of a wildfire in douglas county.investigators say the so-called "frontage fire"-- which broke out sunday-- was human-caused.but they dont know wheter the cause was arson or accidental. county officials say the flames have burned two homes and three out-buildings.the fire is estimated at about 75 injuries have been reported. 3 meanwhile in "beulah hill" fire has burned around eight thousand acres. county leaders say the fire is spreading in two least seven structures have been destroyed. the town of "beulah" and "north creek" are on a pre-evacuation order.many road closures have also been put in place because of the flames. 3 now to our campaign 20-16 coverage---rigging the election.the idea has been brought up during the presidential election--- but the department of homeland security says... hackers have tried it. voter registration
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security breaches in the run-up to the presidential election.this--- as the u.s. increasingly warns that hackers abroad may try to ?undermine confidence in the november vote.?d-h-s says... some 23 states have requested help in protecting their election systems. 3 a week after the first presidential debate--- a new poll shows hillary clinton has opened a five-point lead on donald the new cnn-orc survey... the democratic nominee leads her republican counterpart 47 to 42 percent among likely voters. johnson" draws seven percent ...the green party's jill stein has two percent.the poll shows big gains for clinton versus trump in support from men - a 22-point deficit now trimmed to five.and, she's flipped the score with independents - previously more for trump but now favoring clinton 44-percent to 37- percent. 3 president barack obama will take advantage of early voting.
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ballot for hillary clinton in chicago later this month.the president is scheduled to travel to his hometown on friday to raise money for democrats, but exactly when and where he'll cast his vote is not the past.... obama has cast early ballots at the martin luther king jr. community center, near his family home in chicago's kenwood neighborhood.he voted for his own re-election at the same community center in 2012. coming up... we'll tell you which character is left out of the new "pirates of the carribean" trailor. harry pottan see their favorite films in theaters again. 3 and a former president gets caught locking lips on the
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johnny depp is nowhere to be found in the new teaser trailer for "pirates of the caribbean: dead men tell no tal" tales."the first look at the film... focuses on the ghost pirate character--- ?captain sal-a-zar?... and his vengeful search for depp's "captain spar" sparrow."it's a change for the franchise-- that has used depp's unique character--- to promote its ?previous? four's also the movie's first major marketing piece... since depp settled his divorce with ex-wife "amber heard" for seven-million-dollars. he by the way."pirates of the caribbean: dead men tell no tales"... doesn't hit theaters until may. 3 in "award season" news... eddie murphy will receive a "hollywood career achievement" award at the 20th annual hollywood film awards. murphy is a past recipient of the screen actors guild award and golden globe for best supporting actor for the movie, "dreamgirls." murphy- whose latest film is "mr. church"- will accept the award from "the late late show's" james corden on november 6th. the harry potter movies are
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announced.... all eight potter films will be shown at imax theaters for ?one week? starting october 13th.'s all in preparation for the premiere of the film version of "fantastic beasts and where to find them".that's the "potter" spinoff that marks author j-k rowling's return to theaters.each imax screening will include content from "fantastic beasts", as well as greetings from the new film's cast."fantastic beasts and where to find them" hits imax and other u-s theaters on november 18th. 3( ( might be a good day to mow the lawn.we have more sunshine on tap!let's get to meteorologist michael schlesinger for a check of ready weather. 3 ((???1:15 seconds??))
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3 after 20 years... the atlanta braves bid farewell to turner f. field.the team is moving to a new stadium ?just outside the c? city.?over the weekend--- goodbye. among the smoochers--- former president "jimmy carter" and his wife. the two were caught locking lips on the kiss cam.
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coming up at 5:30..police are looking for suspects after an overnight robbery at a milwaukee wal-mart.we have the latest. "the world is rough right now and seeing this and stuff makes you believe this world can be a good place." place." and--- a grateful mother ?expresses relief? -- after her son was found safe... nearly 18 hours after he went
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a live look over ..... you're
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now at 5:30 - the two girls charged with stabbing a classmate to please the fictional character- 'slender man'- will be in court today. we'll explain the ?next? step in this high-profile case... coming up in a live report. 3 "tim kaine and mike pence get their one shot to diffrentiate themselves and defend their running mate i'm craig boswell
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vicepresidential debate." debate." 3 taking a live look at the dot cameras...roads are in good shape but you may be dealing with some fog outside of the metro...the latest on overnight construction closures and and your tuesday morning drive is coming up next in ready traffic. 3 good morning.. it's tuesday, october 4-th. i'm jessica tighe. e. did you love yesterday's weather? good news-- there's more sunshine today! but how long will it last?let's start with the forecast... here's meteorologist michael
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3 new this morning ...milwaukee police are investigating a robbery at a wal-mart on milwaukee's northeast side. 3 it happened around 1:40 this morning... at the wal-mart on holton and capitol. capitol.police say... four men
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weapons were actually shown. the men took ?electronic merchandise? and one was hurt.police continue to search for the suspects. our top story this morning...the two girls charged with stabbing a classmate to please the fictional character 'slender man' will be in court today. anissa weier and morgan geyser will be in waukesha county court this afternoon. cbs 58's julie parise is live at the court house with our look ahead. julie? today's court appearance is listed as a status we're expecting an update on defendant anissa weier's mental condition. the two girls were in court last month to change their pleas from 'not guilty' to 'not guilty by reason of mental disease or defect' both are being tried as adults in the 2014 stabbing of a classmate. at her last court appearance, weier was instructed to undergo a mental evaluation,.today her doctors will be in court to give an update on her condition. under the plea of not guilty by reason of mental disease or defect, the hospital must constantly evaluate the defendants condition to determine to best way to treat her and continue with the
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the girls will be in court today at 330 pmcbs 58 will be herelook for an update from us on the cbs 58 news at 4 and 5. live in waukesha jp cbs 58 a waukesha family is thankful to be waking up this morning... knowing their son is safe and sound at home. 10-year-old andrew (oohn-come)--- who's on the autism spectrum--- was found yesterday in a cornfield nearly 18 hours after he went m. missing.his family says they are relieved and grateful to the hundreds of came out to help find him. him.39-45 "my first thought was i told the officer can you take a picture? who ever found him can you take a picture so i know for sure you found him?"55-1:00 "i'm just really grateful for everybody going out of their way and being very very supportive." supportive." two waukesha west high school students found andrew. the teenagers say.. at first they couldn't believe ?they? were the ones who spotted him. 3 29-34"we think we found the child that is missing. okay, where are you right now?we're in the middle of a corn field."
5:34 am
through the field, i just looked over at adam, i was like....what is happening?" "yeah like i know he's non-verbal, so he wasn't talking to us, you know like i knew it was him." him." 3 andrew was wet and cold.. but otherwise okay.after a brief trip to the hospital he was sent home. 3 experts say... what happened with the boy... is ?common? in the autism's called "wandering" -- leaving a safe, supervised area... and going into one that ?could be dangerous.?studies show... the behavior tragedy.? a local organization hopes... ?awareness? will bring ?more? of these cases to a peaceful end. 1:11-1:23 we're not dealing with some parents who weren't doing their job not dealing with a naughty boy we're dealing with a family and a child with a disability." disability." 3 the autism society of southeast wisconsin... offers a number of ?programs... support groups... and resources? for families. people from cuba to the carolinas are getting ready for the potential impact of
5:35 am
storm is already blamed for at least three haiti.. people are bracing for mudslides, storm surge, and up to 40 inches of rain.matthew will then move north.. to eastern cubathe storm has winds at around 140 miles per hour.the united states is carefully watching the forecast. 3
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3 3 3 3 percent. precipitation 50 chance of highs in the mid
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highs in the mid 60s. chance of precipitation 50 percent. 3
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in campaign 2016...the stage is set- on the campus of longwood university in virginia- today... for the first and only vice presidential debate of the campaign season. season.the event between "mike pence" and "tim kaine"... will air right here on cbs. craig boswell has a preview. mike pence took aim at hillary clinton's record as secretary of state... at a campaign event in virginia -- tim kaine's home turf:(sot mike pence) our allies are less secure, our enemies are more embolden and that all changes the day that donald trump becomes presidentboth expected to go to great lengths defending their running mates tonight... something professor bill harbour of longwood university says could prove harder for the indiana governor: governor:. bill harbour/ political science professor, longwood university) given some of the controversies in the newspapers recently about trump's tax returns and other issues he's raised about the private lives of various people in public life, i think maybe mike pence maybe has a tougher job here in terms of
5:40 am
pence also sought to make light of trump's recent controversies last night.(sot mike pence) now he said this, we can parse that, he tweeted this...and the think they finally got him and then they turn on the television the next day, and donald trump is still standing stronger than ever before. before.raig boswell cbs news farmville, virginia) tonight's vice presidential showdown here in farmville comes a little over a week after the first presidential debate... and in the first cbs news poll taken since that debate...clinton now has a four-point lead nationally ov tonight, the virginia senator will try to keep the momentum on clinton's side.(sot tim kaine) you know, just gotta be myselfclinton and trump meet for their second presidential debate this sunday in missouri. craig boswell cbs news farmville, virginia. clinton has two campaign stops in ?pennsylvania? today. trump campaigns in colorado and arizona. 3 donald trump is coming back to wisconsin. the republican presidential nominee will be
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junior-- will be in brookfield and wausau on wednesday. also on wednesday.. bernie sanders will campaign for hillary clinton in both madison and green bay. and chelsea clinton.. who was just in green bay last friday.. is coming back to wisconsin on monday. we're still waiting for the details of that visit. the milwaukee county executive presented his proposed 20-17 budget it -- a 60 dollar wheel tax. that wheel tax... may be the most controversial part of the ?budget?--- but it wasn'tth ?meeting.?several supervisors were upset after county executive "chris abele"... left for a meeting his office says was scheduled ?before this budget meeting? was on the calendar.the somewhat abrupt ending... came after several objections to the proposed wheel tax---- which abele says... would generate 27 (m) million dollars in revenue to fund the bus system and road repairs. we can't continue going forward without some new revenue. the vehicle registration fee is the one
5:42 am
how do i justify to the people in franklin, oak creek and hales corners, where the buses barely penetrate their corners, why they should pay this additional wheel tax? tax? 3 people already pay a 75-dollar ?state? fee--- and in milwaukee... there's another 20 dollar fee.that means with county tax---milwaukee residents would pay 155 dollars. if you live outside the city--- 135.the budget now moves to the finance committee. a public hearing is set for october 31st it's one of the biggest dairy shows in the world... world...the world dairy expo opens today... and it's celebrating its 50-th anniversa. anniversary.the expo is a major economic engine for the madison region... with a direct impact of more than 50- million dollars.more than 75- thousand visitors are expected this year.the world dairy expo runs through saturday. a cute little kitten is our pet of the week!meet louie... after the break. 3 plus - a new menu item at
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back customers!that's coming up! 3 here's a live look outside for you. you're watching the c-b-s 58 you're watching the c-b-s 58 morning news. 3
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c-b-s 58 news time is 5:... on this................. morning. welcome back to the c-b-s 58 morning news. time now to introduce you to our pet of the week,.a little kitten... who's sure to make you smile on a tuesday!barb lucius from the humane society is here with ?louie.? good morning, tell us about louie!
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- what's their story? how did they get to the humane society?-any siblings?
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other pets?-talk about the october monthly donor program? 414-animals 3 in your "money watch" this morning--- the state of massachusetts is ?suing? morgan stanley. stanley. the state accuses the bank of ?dishonest conduct? to meet sales says... morgan stanley pressured employees to open customer accounts... by running "sales contests" targeting loans to ?wealthy clients.? the lawsuit explains--- that in doing so-- the bank ?ran afoul? of its own internal rules.morgan stanley ?eliminated the practice?... after conducting contests for more than a year in massachusetts and rhode island.the bank says... it
5:49 am
fire in recent weeks... after admitting its employees ?opened fake accounts?... to meet aggressive sales goals. 3 facebook's latest app... will focus on users with ?slower internet speeds.? the social networking site is launching "messenger lite."the app is a ?slimmed down version? of facebook's popular "messaging" app. messenger lite is designed for ?lower-end android devices.?it takes up less space on smartphones and tablets. 3 just in time for taco day---chorizo ise menu item at chipotle restaurants.test-market runs of the ?spicy sausage?... were a hit in a handful of markets this summer.the chain says... its chorizo will be made of chicken and pork that's raised in a responsible way.the menu addition is chipotle's latest move to bring back customers. the company dealt with outbreaks of e-coli.. salmonella... and norovirus late last year.
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toyota wants to sell you... a ?talking robot? to keep you company while you describes the robot... as "a miniature communication partner--- developed to provide companionship."it's name is "kir-obo mini."the 4-inch high gizmo can apparently chat away and even respond to facial expressions. it can remember likes and dislikes-- as well as--- journeys you've taken together. the robot can be linke t home... and it's small enough to fit in your cup holder. toyota plans to sell this talking roboto in japan next year for about 400 dollars.
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when we come back on the cbs 58 morning news,,,,,real pets may be a thing of the past. 3 that's because a toy company has released a life-like robotic dog. details on what it does next! 3 3 i know you! [laughs] welcome! hi! we're your neighbors. we live across the street. thanks for this. i see you've got time warner cable like the rest of the hood. genius. yeah, they offer tons of free hd channels. and you can record six shows at the same time.
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your next dog might be a robot! hasbro has just released its latest creation - a life-like robotic barks, and turns direction of whoever is talking.the 'golden pup' robotic dog follows in the 'paw'-steps of its robotic cat model.the close-to-real life pets are designed to help ease loneliness among the elderly and children. 3 3 3
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stay close...your top stories are coming up at the top of the hour. hour.the cbs 58 morning news
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approve this message because wisconsin's middle class and working families should come first. i'm kyle aevermann 3
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good is tuesday, october 4-th.i'm kate chappell. chappell.and i'm jessica tighe. here's what's coming up ?this? half hour... 3 a state-wide effort to reduce ?house fires across the state?... kicks off today! we'll tell you about the intiative. 3 and later... fans of the t-v series "gilmore girls" can i say "sip" of the show... right here in milwaukee.we'll tell you how coming up. 3 but right now meteorologist michael schlesinger has a look at your weather. 3 3 3 percent. precipitation 50 chance of highs in the mid 60s. the afternoon. rain


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